Sound-n-Dry® is a dry-aid kit used to remove moisture from hearing aids. Sound-n-Dry provides an efficient and very economical way to maintain hearing aids and  save on expensive repairs from moisture damage. Moisture builds up during normal wearing conditions and can reduce the performance of hearing aids by damaging the delicate circuitry. It is simple to use and does not require a power source. This unit is also suitable for cochlear implant speech processors.

  • Thank you for your assistance with my enquiry regarding the proper use of Sound-n-Dry sachets. It was a pleasure to receive such courteous and helpful service.
    JHDirranbandi QLD
  • Great product by the way and easy to use
    Graham WQLD
  • I have a cochlear implant and find your product great for travelling as it needs no power.
    Robyn D. Cronulla NSW
  • I have found the Sound-n-Dry the best system I have used.
    Mike H
  • I find the product extremely good. The ability to reuse makes the product economical. Good product!
    MTRochedale QLD
  • I want to congratulate you on the business success.
    Ron PierceJamisontown NSW